• In-line
    Oxygen Sensors
    for the Glass Industry

    in glass melt, atmosphere and tin bath

  • Serving the glass industry

  • Feeder sensor

    Glass melt redox monitoring in feeder channel
    Flexible and economic measuring concept

  • Industrial application

    Improved process and product properties
    saving resources



  • Tin Bath Oxygen control

    Monitoring the oxygen activitiy in the tin melt
    and protective atmosphere


  • Oxygen sensors for the tin bath

    for defect free float glass production

  • Glass melt redox monitoring and control

    Colour stability, improved heat transfer, low seed count  

  • Reduced
    reject numbers




  • Innovative
    measuring concepts

  •           Feeder sensor

                   easy to implement

  • Tin bath oxygen control

    Oxygen activity in atmosphere and tin melt

  • Colour control

    online iron ratio measurement

  • Development

    Glass melt redox monitoring
    in the batch changing area

  • Special products

    Development of conductive ceramic measuring cells 

  • Defect free flat glass

    tin bath oxygen control




  • Oxygen control

    for the highest quality




  • Special measuring requirements ?

    in glass melt, molten metal and salts
    Contact us !




Read-Ox products

In-line Oxygen Sensors for the Glass Industry, in Glass Melt, Atmosphere and Tin Bath
  • Tin Bath in Float Line

    Tin Bath in Float Line

    The Read-Ox tin bath oxygen sensors for the molten tin and atmosphere in the tin bath of a float glass production line.

  • Glass Production Furnace

    Glass Production Furnace

    The Read-Ox oxygen sensors for the glass melt, combustion and flue gas atmosphere in an industrial glass production furnace.

About us

Read-Ox & Consultancy B.V., started in 2001, is specialised in the production of oxygen sensors for the glass industry. These oxygen sensors are based on the electrochemical cell principle and are able to measure the oxygen activity of the glass melt (in feeder channel, forehearth or canal) or combustion atmosphere (regenerator crown or flue gas channel) in the industrial glass production furnace. Additionally, for the float glass production line we have special oxygen sensors for the tin bath, for inside the molten tin or for in the tin bath protective atmosphere.

Relying on its broad experience in the field of oxygen activity measurements in glass industry, Read-Ox may offer tailor made solutions for various furnace designs.

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21 December 2018

e-book ‘Foaming of Glass Melts’

Foaming in an industrial glass tank is most often a very undesirable phenomenon,  blocking the heat transfer from the burner flames into the melt. It leads not only to an increased fuel consumption, but may also re...
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1 November 2017

Atmosphere oxygen sensor

For the measurement of the %O2 in the combustion atmosphere in the glass tank, in the regenerator or flue gas channel ReadOX has developed a robust oxygen sensor for temperatures upto 1650ºC. Design and dimensions ...
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1 July 2017

Online iron ratio

For the measurement of the redox state of the glass melt, the IOSI signal converter can be upgraded with a new application: the calculation of the iron ratio of the glass product from the sensor's mV signals. Instead of ...
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1 September 2016

In-situ impedance measurement

Especially for the IOSI-01 converter, a small add-on board has been developed able to perform an in-situ impedance test of the probe. The internal resistance of the sensor is an indication of its conditon: a high impe...
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