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Read-Ox & Consultancy B.V., started in 2001, is specialised in the production of oxygen sensors for the glass industry. These oxygen sensors are based on the electrochemical cell principle and are able to measure  the oxygen activity of the glass melt (in feeder channel, forehearth or canal)  or combustion atmosphere (regenerator crown or flue gas channel) in the industrial glass production furnace. Additionally, for the float glass production line we have special oxygen sensors for the tin bath, for inside the molten tin or for in the tin bath protective atmosphere.

Relying on its broad experience in the field of oxygen activity measurements in glass industry, Read-Ox may offer tailor made solutions for various furnace designs.


About us - 340x430Over the past decades, the glass industry has succeeded to reduce operational costs and to improve product quality significantly as a result of a better understanding of the industrial melting process and improved production technology methods and materials. Although the use of in-line oxygen sensors to measure and control glass melt and glass product properties is recognized as an important, production improving technology, it lagged behind. This is mainly due to the difficulty of an accurate measurement for extended times in the usually extremely hot and corrosive glass melt or atmosphere.

In the present situation temperature is often the only parameter which is continuously measured in the glass melt and combustion atmosphere of an industrial glass production furnace. However, research on glass chemistry during the past decades showed that besides the glass melt and atmosphere temperature, the oxygen activity of melt and atmosphere are also very important production parameters that should be continuously available during the industrial glass production process. By supplying innovative oxygen sensors for both melt and atmosphere, Read-Ox is able to offer this measuring technology to the glass industry!

Mission - oxygen sensors for every location and situation

Read-Ox' mission is to supply all the types of oxygen sensors needed in the glass industry:

For the glass production furnace we have

Especially for the tin bath in the float glass production line


As measuring locations and local circumstances may differ from furnace to furnace, Read-Ox will help you to find the best solution. Sensor size and design can be adapted for an optimal measurement in your particular situation. Read-Ox' extensive know-how on glass melt chemistry and tin bath chemistry may also assist you with the interpretation and correlation of the sensor signal to vital process and product properties.

Glass Industry

About us - installed glass system 340x540Read-Ox' sensors are used for the industrial production of many types of glass, such as:

  • Glass Containers (flint, emerald, olive green, dark green and amber)
  • Special coloured decorative glass
  • Special optical glass
  • Table ware glass
  • Architectural glass
  • Automotive glass
  • Display panel glas
  • Substate and panel glass for solar cells
  • Lighting components
  • Glazes and enamals
  • Fiber glass
  • Glass wool
  • Glass colouring frits

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