Online iron ratio

1 July 2017

online iron ratio 710x515For the measurement of the redox state of the glass melt, the IOSI signal converter can be upgraded with a new application: the calculation of the iron ratio of the glass product from the sensor’s mV signals. Instead of log(pO2) as 4..20 mA sensor output, the iron ratio of the cold glass is given as a continuous 4..20 mA sensor output. The iron ratio of the cold glass is usually  daily measured on a glass sample by means of a spectrophotometer. Contrary to the log(pO2) of the melt measured by the sensor, the iron ratio of the cold glass is easily understood by the furnace operator. By changing the sensor’s output from log(pO2) to the iron ratio of the cold glass product, miscommunication between the operator and the laboratory personnel about the desired redox setpoint and operation window is prevented.

More information is given here. You may also contact us for receiving the application note.