21 December 2018

Foaming in an industrial glass tank is most often a very undesirable phenomenon,  blocking the heat transfer from the burner flames into the melt. It leads not only to an increased fuel consumption, but may also result in overheating…
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1 November 2017

For the measurement of the %O2 in the combustion atmosphere in the glass tank, in the regenerator or flue gas channel ReadOX has developed a robust oxygen sensor for temperatures upto 1650ºC. Design and dimensions can be ordered tailor made, depending…
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1 July 2017

For the measurement of the redox state of the glass melt, the IOSI signal converter can be upgraded with a new application: the calculation of the iron ratio of the glass product from the sensor’s mV…
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1 September 2016

Especially for the IOSI-01 converter, a small add-on board has been developed able to perform an in-situ impedance test of the probe. The internal resistance of the sensor is an indication of its conditon: a high impedance may indicate…
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